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4 Reasons Why You Should Blog About Your Business

Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular way for small and medium enterprises to market their services and products without spending huge amounts of cash in marketing.

Lucky for a lot of entrepreneurs, blogging provides an effective platform for their business to get the exposure they need – just search something in Google and you can immediately see the links are usually pointing to various blogs relevant to the keyword that you were searching for.

Cost-effective exposure is not the only reason for entrepreneurs to blog about their business. Here are 4 more reasons why you as a business owner should blog about your business:

Blogging transcends business boundaries.
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1. Blogging places you as an expert in your chosen niche, thereby promoting trust.

If you are a writing services company and you blog about essential writing tips and tricks, your chosen target market will have the influence that you actually know what you are talking about. If you are a restaurant owner promoting healthy food and you blog about the benefits of eating healthy and other related topics, your target market may even be influenced into trying out your food.

Impress your audience with your expertise and you’ll definitely capture their interest.

2. Blogging manages your brand’s online reputation.

Your reputation which you’ve built for a long time can be crumbled into pieces when your competition sabotages you online. These acts such as writing excessively horrible reviews and posting fake negative testimonials about you, your services and your products can easily be viral and spread on Facebook and Twitter if you don’t have a credible blog to back you up.

3. Blogging promotes interactive customer relationships, thereby enhancing your customers’ experience with your brand.

Entrepreneurs who blog about their business should always have the “comments” section open in order to encourage the readers to participate in the discussion. This is something I tell to all my clients: think about the official business blog as something that personalizes your interaction with your customers. It’s like another aspect of customer service that can help guide you in retaining customers.

After all, all customers who care about your business like their suggestions to be heard: a business blog is the perfect medium for that.

4. It will attract more customers.

Every business owner knows that it’s more expensive to acquire new customers rather than to maintain old ones. This is where blogging can help you ultimately. If your blog posts are about providing solutions and suggesting valuable tips, your business blog will undoubtedly be able to attract more potential clients.

The best way to blog for the customers is to think, “If I were a reader, what would I like to read about?” Help people first and they will come back for good.

Do you believe in business blogging?

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