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3 Ways to Know You’re Successful

Successful people are truly fascinating creatures, aren’t they? They do something they think is worth doing and they make money out of their passion. They have the gall to actually make time for their goals since they believe their goals deserve it.

They are productive and balanced. They are inspirational and often looked upon by their fans.

In a word, they are awesome.

Throughout the years, I have taken it upon myself to compile this mini list on determining if you are truly successful or not. Hang on to your seats, drink some water and read on.

3 Ways to Know You're Successful
Thumbs-up, you’re amazing!

1. You are productive, NOT busy.
This is such a very controversial topic in today’s discussion. What would you rather like, lazing around in your 8-hour work schedule and producing 75% output or focusing in your 5-hour work schedule and producing 100% output?

Of course you’d choose the latter!

Work smarter, not harder. You know your time is valuable so learn to use it wisely. Don’t waste it on meetings with no agendas or talks with no values. Slow down. Learn to prioritize the essentials. Do one thing at a time.

2. You have a bias for action.
Successful people get things done. And when I say done, I mean done. They don’t just mope around and wish for their dreams to happen. They make their dreams. They bring their dreams back to life. They are go-getters.

Remember Bo Sanchez’s 10 Sacred Rules of Success?
  1. Act.
  2. Act again.
  3. Act again.
  4. Act again.
  5. Act again.
  6. Act again.
  7. Act again.
  8. Act again.
  9. Act again.
  10. Act again.
No, I am not kidding!

3. You work outside of your comfort zone.
Truth to be told, we can never be 100% ready for an opportunity. Thinking that you should be always ready for something before doing it will only paralyze you.

Opportunities may sometimes just tap your shoulder while you’re not looking! Opportunities are actually chances for us to grow and prove something to ourselves.

So, do you think you’re successful already? 😉

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0 thoughts on “3 Ways to Know You’re Successful”

  1. Great post! Your suggestion of working outside of one's comfort zone has me thinking about my status quo. I've been stuck in a rut career-wise but it's so nice and comfy here that I never really gave it much thought, even if I'm dying from boredom na:p

    Anyway, with the rains come much introspection.

  2. Hi Lianne! I continue to read your posts. I think that for anyone to be successful, massive action is necessary. It's not more of a requirement but choice. 🙂

    P.S. Let's go with the guest posts. How can I email you?

    God bless!

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