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3 Things You Can Do With Your 13th Month Pay

Are you excited for your 13th month pay yet?

I bet you are! After all, you’re planning to use it as your budget to buy Christmas gifts, to eat every restaurant’s Christmas menu and to watch Christmas movies with your family, right?

It’s true, isn’t it? Your 13th month pay is used to spend, to give and to buy. Doing all these makes you feel richer, feel more blessed and feel more relaxed with yourself.

13th month pay
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However, have you ever considered how you feel after all that 13th month pay is used up?

Sure, you might be enjoying yourself this December! All your relatives will smile when you’re near, all the sales staff will give you sincere greetings and all your friends will want you to be with them because you have money.

Come January and you have no money left:
– your relatives magically disappear (because you might ask money from them);
– the sales staff could care less about you (because you’re giving off the aura that you don’t have any money left); and,
– your “friends” find ways to hang out without you (because you might not be able to pay for your order).

Don’t let this happen to you!

Don’t wait until everything’s gone before you do something. Do something first before it’s too late and you’re left disliking yourself for being too reckless.

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Here are three (money-savvy) things that you can do with your 13th month pay:

1. Clear up any consumer debt that you have.

Do you owe the credit card company some money?

Pay it off right now and save yourself from all the high-interest rates that will definitely make you broke. You can be able to shorten the paying period, too.

So, less paying period = more chances of you being financially free faster!

2. Build up your emergency fund.

What? Emergency fund again, you say?

Well then, if you have 3-6 months’ worth of your expenses stashed in your liquid bank account for emergency use, feel free to skip this suggestion.

Otherwise, get at least 30% of your 13th month pay and use it to jumpstart your emergency fund. Some amount that you’ve saved up this year is better than no amount, right?

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3. Make your money work for you – invest!

If you invest, this means that your money’s interest also earn interest on its own!

Invest in mutual funds or in variable unit-linked products.

Mutual funds = pure investment
VUL = income protection + investment

Are you scratching your head right now?

How about feeling weirded out because you’re confused?

Don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered!

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In case you’re looking for investment options, my team and I will be having a small group discussion on Sun Life Financial‘s investment products and options for you and your family’s financial wellness and security.

This is to give you chances to:

– diversify your portfolio,
– maximize your money’s earning power,
– and ultimately build a better future for you and your loved ones

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FREE. ANYONE can join. The knowledge you get is PRICELESS.

You’re not obliged to do anything – except maybe share the knowledge with your friends.

Don’t let your 13th month pay disappear just like that.

Make it count and make it work for you.

You, just like everybody else, deserve a better future. Start getting it today.


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