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2 Obstacles That Stop You From Growing (And How To Fight Them!)

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a slump?

There are a million things that you’d like to do, a thousand places you’d like to travel to, and a hundred people you’d like to meet – but instead of doing all these, you’re stuck at home and you watch anime & Korean television shows instead.

I’ve been there. In fact, this was what I was doing last week!

I felt my motivation and my drive go lower. I got sick. And then all my energy decided to leave me.

I used to think that maybe I was just “travel-sick” because my trip to Tokyo already ended.

Or maybe I’m experiencing quarter-life crisis even though I’m only 23, I thought.

But now, after meditating and collecting my thoughts, I decided to stop making excuses for myself and to move forward:

I’m facing a battle. And right now, two obstacles are stopping me from growing up:
– Doubt; and,
– Distraction.


It’s a virus that slowly creeps up on you. Why does doubt grow within us? It’s either planted by someone we know, or, we cultivate it through the thoughts that we constantly think of.

Personally, I planted and grew my own doubts.

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How do you get rid of it?

You don’t.

Instead, you manage it. And then you do something else!

Why are you doubtful?

– Because you’re scared of all the past failures that you did?

This is different. Now, you’re stepping out of your comfort zone because you know that your dreams die in your comfort zone. You’re trying out something new again.

– Because your mom/dad/neighbor/taho vendor/hater on Instagram said you weren’t smart/pretty/talented enough?

Who made them the expert on your skills, your dreams, on your capability to find your passion?

– Because you feel incompetent?

Then act to increase your competence. Ask more mentors. Absorb more books, blog posts and articles. Acquaint yourself with people better than you are.

When in doubt, do it anyway.


What if you want to start investing?

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If you spend your money recklessly or just save in the bank, these are distractions.

Or let’s say that you want to finish a book and get it published.

What should you do everyday, then?

You write. You network with people. Read. Attend conferences. And then you write some more.

If you watch TV, go to the mall, or sleep (even though you already slept enough) instead of finishing your book, contacting publishers or increasing your knowledge – these are distractions.

Greatest distraction? Your TV.

Did you know that Americans spend 4 hours to watch TV everyday? The TV isn’t just open – the people actually watch the television.

Based on their life expectancy, this 4 hours everyday equates to 13 years of their lives.

THIRTEEN YEARS?! 13 years of lost time, lost money and lost opportunities.

Spend a few minutes to re-discover what it is that you really want to achieve.

We aren’t distracted because we’re stupid or because we’re lazy. It’s because we forget our passion. We lose track of our focus. It’s because we’re not emotionally invested enough.

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Then, do something about it. If not today, then when?


Is your television over-used and your mind under-used? I’m so excited to read your comments, so please, let me know what you think.

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