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3 Frugal Tips To Make Your Gifts Sincere

(This post is dedicated to my best friend. Happy birthday!)

I am an indecisive gift-giver. Usually I plan a week before what gift to give to the birthday celebrant, but then I never take any action so I tend to give something…generic.

And then the chaos doesn’t stop there! I even forego the traditional wrapping experience and just give the gift as it is. Talk about looking like I didn’t exert an effort.

Well. I’ve decided to end this fiasco right now.

If you think that you could relate to the aforementioned situations – then venture with me as we go along the road of frugal yet sincere gift-giving.

Yummy chocolate cake.

1. Say it with a poem!
Buy a manila paper as a wrapper. They are very cheap compared to the generic gift wrappers. Next, have some markers with you. Doodle a poem dedicated to the person you’re giving the gift to. Finish it up with a handmade ribbon.

2. Pictures are the way to go.
You can still buy a manila paper for your gift wrapper. Then, look for a picture which symbolizes your relationship with the person you’re giving the gift to. It could be a picture of the two of you, a picture of your date, a picture of a beautiful scenery you guys both had the pleasure of viewing, or a picture of a favorite food of the both of you.

3. Tag – you’re it!
You can also look for awesome new ways to caption your gift to them. Think of a witty tag. For example, you’re giving a lotion as a gift. Why not say “Hope our friendship becomes smoother as time goes by!”? Or you’re giving chocolates to a lover – say “You are as sweet as this gift!”

Any more ideas for frugal gift-giving?

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