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3 Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space: Freelancers, Listen Up!

(This is a guest post from Anna Garcia of Regus Philippines. Regus PH is part of Regus, a global provider of flexible workspaces. Find more about them here. Thank you, Anna!)

It was so many years ago when computers and the internet were first invented. Today, not only do most people work mainly with electronic files – work spaces need not be confined to the four walls of business buildings any longer.

Now, many people can work wherever they like, as long as they have a portable computer and internet connection, of course! Due to this change of work orientation and its growing convenience, more and more people are becoming mobile workers such as freelancers.

Mobile workspaces are not the only innovations of the digital age. Due to the relative isolation of many mobile workers, particularly freelancers, an innovative working environment was born the coworking space.
What’s A Coworking Space?
It’s a work environment in which several individuals or teams occupy the same office space and share utilities such as water, internet, electricity, and bathroom facilities.

They don’t necessarily need to work for the same employer, or to work on the same projects. Their unifying factor – such as their values or work ethics – are more important.
3 Reasons To Use A Coworking Space
Why use one? Here are three reasons to:

Most coworking spaces have regular business hours, just like any other establishment. However, you do not have to go there on a specific schedule. Most coworking spaces welcome different schedules of separate working teams or individuals. Some do need to be booked for a specific length of time, so you may have your space reserved for you and your team, whatever time you may decide to clock in. However, leases can be for either short term or long-term, which can be quite convenient for those who only need some temporary workspace.
In addition to that, the maintenance of the space such as the clean-up or repair of facilities and various equipment are in the hands of the owner of the co-working space since rent fees are usually inclusive of that. All you need to do is show up and work.
Conducive to Productivity
One of the many dilemmas of freelancers is that they usually work alone. Since they don’t actually have to report to an office, and they basically work for themselves, more often than not, they end up quite isolated when working.

This set-up often leads to ennui and lethargy. In coworking spaces, freelancers still get to work on their own but they are not physically isolated. They get to witness others hard at work, and that productive atmosphere can lend them the energy to continue working despite the onset of boredom.
Moreover, freelancers could also tap other fellow freelancers or work teams for a collaborative work set-up in a coworking space. Indeed, coworking spaces are veritable hubs of intelligent and creative people. It would be a waste not to take advantage of that.
Making Connections
Lastly, coworking spaces are great for making business and professional connections, whether in your industry or in other fields. One of the first aims of the earliest coworking spaces is that they be conducive for business, professional and social interactions between individuals or teams from the same as well as those from different industries.

To uphold this ethos, most coworking spaces are set up so that professionals have easy access to other professionals. This is to encourage cooperation and a creative exchange of ideas.

For instance, you need help with your finances and you share your workspace with a financial advisor, you can even get points to encourage you to start investing from him.

So, coworking spaces may be a relatively new approach to a work set-up and it certainly is a lot different than conventional offices. However, there are certainly a lot of benefits it can offer freelancers, small business owners, and independent contractors in terms of affordability, convenience and creative collaboration that it would be a shame not to contemplate it as a potential work set-up.


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