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12 Days of Christmas: Personal Finance Version!

When I was a kid, my younger relatives and I would usually plan to sing Christmas carols all over the neighborhood so that we could earn money during the holiday.

At first, we would sing to our parents and grandparents. Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in Our Hearts” would be our favorite piece, and they’d immediately give us money just because we were that good. (Or because they were watching telenovelas and they wanted us to stop singing already?)

12 Days of Christmas: Personal Finance Version!

One particular Christmas carol that we’re fond of is the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s catchy!

But then… I sing this song all day long, but it doesn’t necessary mean that I like its message.

Seriously. Why would your “true love” spend all his money during Christmas? I mean, sure, getting presents 12 days in a row may sound romantic, but what happens after everything’s over?

You run away from your present responsibilities and hide whenever bills come your way?

This is the reason why I decided to make a spin-off of this song. The Christmas spirit will still be here, but without the unnecessary spending and with the necessary financial tips to make your financial futures brighter.

1 Free Personal Finance E-Book

On the first day of Christmas, my financial advisor gave to me… a download link to a personal finance ebook for free!

This way, we get to experience the beauty of sharing the good news: you can put your money into investments so you can beat the bank’s measly interest rates.

2 Money Management Spreadsheets

On the second day of Christmas, my financial advisor gave to me… two money management spreadsheets for free.

If you’re new to budgeting, here’s a basic budgeting template for you.

If you’re fairly confident about your assets and your liabilities, here’s a template to compute for your personal net worth.
3 Bank’s Time Deposit Rates

On the third day of Christmas, my financial advisor gave to me… top three banks’ prevailing interest rates of their time deposit accounts.

12 Days of Christmas: Personal Finance Version!
The gift here is the gift of consciousness. As early as now, you need to be exposed to the harsh truth that money in your time deposits are losing because of inflation. Yes, you’re getting 1.125% but you’re losing 4% (inflation rate).

Consciousness leads to curiosity, which can further lead to competence in the future – if you act on it!

4 Questions Before You Invest

On the fourth day of Christmas, my financial advisor gave to me… four questions I need to ask myself before investing!

You’re given the gift of clarity.

I don’t believe in recklessly investing and impulsively withdrawing your profits. As with anything else, it makes sense for you to plan first.

Don’t rush your decisions just yet. Before you figure out where you want to be,first, know where you are right now.

Why do you need to do this?

It’s because there’s no such thing as the best investment for everyone! In the same way that there’s no best food for everyone, your investment solution varies according to you.

5 Days to Download an Investing Basics E-book for Free

On the fifth day of Christmas, my financial advisor gave to me… five days to download an investing basics e-book for free!

This book suits you best if;
– You haven’t started investing your hard-earned income yet because you have no idea how to.
– You want to retire with millions so that you won’t depend on relatives or on government institutions to fund your retirement lifestyle.
– You do not know much about multiplying money and so you want a very simple guide that you can easily understand.
– You want practical and easy to follow advice on what to do next.

I’m selling it for $2.99, but for the next five days, it’s free, so grab this exclusive treat for The Wise Living readers. 🙂

6 Months’ Worth of Your Monthly Expenses as Your Emergency Fund

On the sixth day of Christmas, my financial advisor gave to me… a reminder that six months’ of my monthly expenses is what I need for my emergency fund.

Watch out for Part II next week! Happy holidays, friends!


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