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12 Blessings I’m Grateful For This 2014

This 2014 was a year of taking risks, enjoying the world, facing my fears and going outside my comfort zone. No, I couldn’t break-dance (yet…) but I managed to do unbelievable things that I never knew I could do!

It’s funny – when I was in a moment, I feel grateful and relaxed. But when the moment passes, I shiver and cringe at my daring. Collecting these twelve blessings made me laugh out loud and ask myself, ‘Did I really do that? Lakas naman ng loob ko…” or ‘Yikes. Nakakahiya!’

Nevertheless, I’m thankful for these blessings. After the gift of loved ones, here are twelve other graces of God that I am in awe of: 

January: One-on-one meeting with Mr. Henry Ong and Seafarer Center talk 

I dub Sir Henry as the “Father of Registered Financial Planners (RFP)” here in the Philippines. When he first arranged for a meeting, I was initially scared. After our meeting, I couldn’t believe how amazing and humble Sir Henry was. His passion for personal finance touched my heart and motivated me to be a more credible and reliable finance enthusiast – and so I decided to become an RFP. 🙂

Also, my talk for the Seafarer Center’s Investment Fair was humbling.

February: Initial publishing of our book 

I actually had the guts to publish my own book! For this I am truly thankful to my mentors, Sir Alvin, Sir Bo, Sir Yeng and Sir Randell – they helped me shape my book and guided me along the way during its creation. Again, I couldn’t believe it!

March: “Trabaho Lang” interview with Ms. Cherie Mercado 

I have such a high respect for Ma’am Cherie so when she invited me to be a guest at her radio show, I immediately said yes. And I’m glad I did since I felt that more Filipinos became aware that money can be managed by ordinary people like you and me. 🙂

April: Manila, Baguio, Tagaytay, Laguna and Antipolo with the family <3 

During these times, I have learned to live in the moment and just be present. Enjoy the time without any influence on the past and on the future – simply enjoy the “now” and savor it as it is. 

Our stay at Loreland was bitin. We didn’t know that it was so vast! Also plus points because they gave us two superior rooms even though I only paid for one standard room. 😉 

My papa wanted Hawaiian pizza and spaghetti. After he worked so many years abroad just so LJ and I could study, who was I to refuse him? 

I booked a two-night stay in Lake Hotel Tagaytay for papa and mama. Before they had their honeymoon, we ate at Bag of Beans and horsed around Sky Eye. 

This was during Mama’s 51st birthday at Abe in Serendra. 🙂

May: Sun Life Digital Conference with people I respect 

It was my first time meeting Kuya Fitz and Sir Marvin, two of my idols. 🙂

June: My 23rd birthday and ANC On The Money interview 

Again, I was immensely grateful for this interview. As a daughter of a working student, I wanted to share what I knew about money management. More interviews to come this year 2015, hopefully!

July: Sun Life training sessions 🙂

Enriching my knowledge and opening my mind are important to me. 

August: Of course, Tokyo! ^__^

I went to Tokyo primarily to watch Lead’s concert – Lead Upturn 2014…

but of course it didn’t hurt to do some sight-seeing. 

September: Raising enough funds to publish our book in bulk + RFP case study presentation 

Where did I get all the money from? I invested for this back when I completed the book’s initial manuscript when I was 20.

October: Sun Life client meetings & talks 

During this month, I was extremely busy with meeting clients and conducting financial literacy talks left and right – I didn’t have enough time to post anything on social media! 

This is a happy problem, no? 

November: Ilocos + book feature in Moneysense Magazine

My tita and Inang came back from the US so we went to Ilocos to have a vacation with them. 

Thanks so much to Sir Heinz for the amazing feature and to Mr. Mark for the picture!

December: Book’s better version published + Christmas Parties 🙂

Happy New Year, friends! What are your 2014 highlights? I’d love to hear about them. Share them here via your comments. 🙂

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