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10 Productive Things You Can Do on Rainy Days

Thinking of productive things you can do on rainy days?

I bet you are!

As I’m writing this right now, the heavy rains and the frightening thunder and scary lightning all taunt me: Stop writing, Lianne… Just go back to sleep instead. Seriously, what’s with Maring? She was supposed to be out of the country by now! Maybe she forgot to attend a party held by Zeus?

Productive Things You Can Do on Rainy Days

Now, before you start sleeping and fool yourself into thinking that you should spend the whole day on bed, think again: are you really just going to watch your whole day pass you by without doing anything productive?

Of course, not! I mean, spending half your day in the bed while reading a book and drinking a warm cup of green tea is reasonable – I do it all the time! But you whole day? Wasting your whole day sounds incredibly wasteful to me…

If you want to get your life in order and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at the same time, it’s time to start considering these 10 productive things you can do on rainy days:

If you want to be financially free and have enough money for yourself, for your loved ones and for the community, you need to start making your own budget now. You’ll never be able to treat a disease without a diagnosis, right?

2. Clean out the clutter in your closet.
Organize your clothes and check out which clothes you’re not using anymore. Remove the ones that you’ve never worn for one year or more and stack them in a box that you can use for garage sales.

3. Update your resume.
Maybe you’ve been putting this off because you tell yourself that you don’t have the time to do it. Well, now’s the time to include the latest additions to your credentials and make your resume shine!

4. Get moving.
Get those calories burning! Instead of munching on junk food and stuffing yourself with chocolate (ehem), start exercising. You don’t need to try out out-of-this-world techniques, just a simple 10-minute stationary run or a wild dancing of Oppa Gangnam Style can speed up your heart rate and make you sweat.

5. Pay your bills.
If your bills aren’t paid automatically, now’s the time to start paying for them. You don’t want to incur extra charges, do you?

6. Develop unique skills.
Yay for free time! Do something productive this rainy day and start learning a new language! Personally, I’m working on my Japanese.

7. Cook soup.
Instead of ordering something with questionable ingredients, make a homemade soup from scratch instead! Here’s a mushroom soup recipe that you can follow.

8. Catch up with old friends.
It’s a bit patronizing to catch up with someone just because it’s raining, no? Don’t take this the wrong way – think of it as letting someone know that you still care for them.

Productive Things You Can Do on Rainy Days

You were sent here in this world to make a difference. What are the goals that you’re supposed to achieve in order to help you pursue your passion and help other people during the process? This guide can help you start.

10. Start preparing for black-outs.
Another productive thing you can do is to check your emergency supplies and prepare for everything that can help you with regards to black-outs. Here’s an emergency checklist to consider.


11. Read a fun and informative book.
Want to start your way towards being a 20-something millionaire? Get your free copy of my book: “12-Step Guide to be a 20-SOMETHING MILLIONAIRE” to help you start! 🙂

Any violent reactions? Motivated comments? Feel free to comment below.

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