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10 Key Take-Aways from the Financial Fitness Forum 2015

Last March 28, 2015, I was privileged enough to be invited as one of the guest speakers for the Financial Fitness Forum 2015 held at SMX, SM Aura, Taguig City. It was a humbling experience and I learned a lot.

financial fitness forum 2015

I learned how to avoid money vampires and how to manage my risks in investing.

I learned how to create my own mutual fund portfolio and that my inherent value can only be defined by myself.

Above all, I learned to always bring a blazer when I speak at conferences because I easily get cold.

Seriously speaking, though, it was truly an enlightening experience and up until now, I still couldn’t get over the fact that I was sharing the stage with most of my personal finance mentors.

#FFF2015 Together wih Sir Aya. Finance people are so good-looking talaga. Don’t you think? 😀
Posted by Lianne Martha Maiquez Laroya on Friday, 27 March 2015

Here are the major points that you could have learned from the Financial Fitness Forum 2015:

1. Establish the habit of putting down your daily cash inflows and outflows in your journal.

This way, you know firsthand where your money goes. As a result, you have the awareness to control where your money goes.

2. In creating your own education plan, DIY.

Do your research
Invest; and,
Y? (Find the real purpose – why are you working so hard to educate your child?) This can help motivate you to prepare comprehensively.

3. In investing, clearly define your investment horizon for each goal.

In a few years from now, your long-term can be your short-term. And your short-term can be your now.

4. No one can exactly predict how the stock market will perform.

But if you employ strategies that allow you to determine when to buy or when to sell, you are better off than most investors. You can even do these strategies with your pooled/managed funds.

5. Personal finance is done gradually.

Investing 1,000 a month regularly while you’re still young is still better than investing none. Everyone has the capability to start investing – but not everyone has the commitment to do so.

6. Never let anyone define who you are.

Only you have the privilege to define what your true value is. Whether you’re just starting up in investing or you’re already far ahead, remember that real personal finance management is a marathon that everyone can participate in and everyone can win at.

7. What’s the best investment?

Before you find out the answer to this, you have to tell me your reason for investing, your goal for investing, your horizon for investing and your budget that you can set aside for it. It is only then that we can determine what the best investment for you is.

8. Make your age an advantage in investing.

If you’re not managing your money properly or you haven’t started investing yet for your goals, you’re missing out on a lot.

9. Yes, money can’t buy happiness…

But poverty can’t buy anything.

10. When you borrow money and you don’t pay it, you don’t just lose a friend.

You lose an ounce of your credibility as well.

Lastly, I got a lot of emails and messages telling me that they wanted to approach me for a picture or for a book sign but they weren’t able to do so.

May I know why? Did I look unapproachable? Lol!

financial fitness forum 2015
Thanks for this picture, Mark!
Were you able to attend the Financial Fitness Forum 2015? How was your experience?


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