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Here’s How I Got A Roundtrip Ticket to Seoul for ONLY P2,300!

Can you travel roundtrip Manila-Seoul-Manila just with P2,300? 

After getting a multiple-entry visa to Korea last 2016, I made “trip to Seoul” a part of my bucket list for 2017.

Since I wanted to splurge more on food and accommodation, I thought to myself, “Is it possible to get cheap airline tickets to Seoul?” 

I used to think I couldn’t. After all, whenever I search for flights only, roundtrip tickets would usually be P12,000 to P17,000 roundtrip! With a heavy heart, I’d exit the browser, eat instant ramyeon, and watch a K-drama. 

But after doing it yesterday, I can prove that you really can! 

Here are three things I did: 

1. Make sure you’re updated with your preferred airline – all the time! 

No, you don’t need to be updated and online with your social media channels. 

What you can do to keep updated is to set your notifications to “See First” so that you can see Seat Sale updates – no matter what time you can afford to log in. 

2. Look for flights early in the morning. 

Most Seat Sales run on a “first-come, first-served” basis, so you’ll only see the promo fares if you manage to check for seats early in the morning. 

In my case, I managed to book my ticket at 05:30 AM. 

3. Have at least 8,000 GetGo Points 

Manila to Seoul needed 3,500+ points, whereas Seoul to Manila needed 4,500+ points, so I spent a total of 7,900 GetGo points. 

Also, my ticket was technically free, but Cebu Pacific charged me P2,213.69 for taxes. 

So if you think about it, I paid only roughly P2,300 for a roundtrip ticket to Seoul. 

Instead of spending P12,000 to P15,000, I saved P10,000 just on the flight alone! 

We all know that in travelling, it’s the flights and the accommodation that always take a big hit on our travels. So once you’ve secured a cheap flight, budget travel is halfway possible. 

How about you? What’s the cheapest airline ticket you’ve booked? 🙂 Let me know how you did it in the comments below! 

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