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7 Easy Ways You Can Save Money As A Millenial

I have dreams as grand and as special as the next Pinoy Millenial. Don’t you have them also? 

You want to travel around the Philippines – and even travel the world. Exciting! 

But your income isn’t even enough for you to travel comfortably to work everyday. Minsan, kelangan mo pa makipagsapalaran sa bus, MRT at LRT. 

You want to dine out and try the amazing food selections spanning the different countries. 

But your bank account says you can only afford fast food for now. Sabi nga nila, budget-tarian daw tayo. 

You want to live in a comfortable, posh and swoon-worthy apartment with its color schemes, satisfying patterns and vintage furniture that you personally arranged to be imported from exotic locations. 

But your money in your wallet is telling you that you don’t have enough money to get by with this month’s rent payment. 

1. Log out of Instagram at least twice a week

Instagram is full of pretty pictures of gorgeous clothes, fantastic scenery and seemingly perfect lives of seemingly perfect people.

It’s also a blackhole for your finances.

Instagram is a portal for social comparison.

The more you compare yourself to friends/strangers you’re following on Instagram, the more you feel inferior.

Bakit si Jimin pupunta sa concert habang ako nasa office? There goes that extra P200 you spent on Starbucks to make you feel better about yourself.

Swerte ni Hobi oh: nasa Japan na naman sya. Mayaman kasi, e. There goes that P800 bill on your groceries because you felt like you deserved it.

Grabe si Bora, ang ganda lagi ng buhok. And there goes that P2,500 you spent on your hair to make it shinier, bouncier and sexier.

Do yourself a favor and log out of Instagram.

Life’s sweeter when you’re not bitter. 🙂

MONTHLY SAVINGS: P1,000 at least! 

2. B—– please

When I was younger, I didn’t believe in budgeting.

I thought to myself, “Why budget? It’s just a bunch of numbers that make no sense whatsover.”

And it’s this kind of thinking that cost me P3,000 per month.

When I wasn’t budgeting, I thought I was spending only P8,000/month.

When I finally started budgeting, I was spending around P11,000/month pala!

You need a budget – it’s a plan that allows you to have fun. A budget tells you that you can afford anything; but NOT everything, so you have to prioritize.

It also tells you where you want your money to go, instead of just blindly following your cravings.

Here are 4 budgeting styles you can choose from.

READ: 4 Styles of Budgeting for 20-Somethings

MONTHLY SAVINGS: P500 (where do you usually spend that extra P25 change? If you can’t buy anything worth it, just save P25 for 20 days and you get extra P500 you can put towards your Travel Fund)

3. Move back home and pay your parents (or find a roommate)

If your parental home is near your work and you’re thinking of moving out because you just want to experience it, think twice.

Renting an apartment or condo unit will set you back P6,000-P15,000/month.

Staying with your parents and paying utilities will only cost P3,000-P5,000/month.

You do the math.

Otherwise, find a roommate who’s willing to split costs with you.


4. Starbucks is okay: just don’t do it everyday

If you go to Starbucks every single day for 30 days (why???), you spend roughly P4,500/month.

If you make it thrice a week instead, it’s just for 15 days, so you’ll only spend P2,250.

Hindi naman Starbucks ang blood type mo. You’ll survive.


(Pro-tip: Want more savings? Order a Short size for your hot drinks instead.)

5. Try the Envelope Method

What is the Envelope System?

I know some people practice the Envelope System figuratively – they use separate accounts with different names so that they will be able to have a non-fuss budgeting system.

Other people use literal envelopes because they feel that doing so makes their dreams more tangible. As for me, I use both.

What categories should you put in your very own envelope?

Here’s mine.

MONTHLY SAVINGS: P240 (assuming you withdraw twice a week in an ATM machine not affiliated with your bank kasi sobrang haba ng pila…)

6. Use the “Pocket Expense” app

I love this app because it helps me become mindful of my daily expenses.

It even has a section for placing your accounts so that when you see your net worth grow, you feel better about being in control of your money. 🙂

Bonus point – it’s free!

MONTHLY SAVINGS: P50 (because you’ll be saving on paper and pen costs) Plus, being mindful of your daily expenses can help you exercise control on your purchases.

“Oh, P145 lang naman yung isang order ng Baked Pork Bun!”

When you check your app and see that you’ve ordered the same item five times in a week, you’ll realize you’ve spent P725 already and stop spending so much money.

“I’ll buy this J.Co dozen doughnuts. I deserve it. It’s P360 lang naman!”

And then you see in the app that you’ve already bought it thrice a month, that P360 is now P1,080 and you think twice about buying the fourth box because really, who needs to eat a doughnut when you can just settle with iced candy for your sugar cravings?

7. Cut your cable and/or your landline.

I’ve cut my own cable years ago because I rarely watch TV anyway.

If you need landline for applications, input your office landline instead.



How do YOU save money as a millenial? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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