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#AskAlingMarta – Can You Invest With Your Income?

Today, we’ll talk about a reader’s query below: 

With this, we can see that there are two main questions:

– how to increase income; and,
– how to start investing.

For this, I’d advise you to first set up a monthly budget – why is it that in some months, “kulang” ang income mo while in some months, “sakto” lang? Gaano kakulang? 

Sometimes, the case may be because we’re not keeping a budget, we tend to spend and spend early while we have the money, without knowing how much we spend and before we know it, kulang na pala ang pera. 

In the end, instead of having more money at the end of the month, 

we have more month while our money’s ended already. 

Before looking for a second source of income, have you considered if you can upgrade your income with your current job in terms of a promotion?

For a second income source, you can look online. Here are some of my income sources to earn money online.

You’re right in deciding not to join pyramid scams. Hindi lang mawawala pera mo, mawawala pa ang friends mo 🙁 Making money by deceiving others is downright unacceptable. 

Regarding your investment question, of course you can get started with investing! 

Work on increasing your income or decreasing your expenses first, by getting a budget and sticking to it. 

After this, find out your reasons for investing. Invest for a goal. 

You weren’t able to give me figures, so I couldn’t give you an accurate projection, but if you started saving at least P1,00 a month, you only need to do this for 5 months before you can start with the initial investment of P5,000. 

If you need me to help you get started in opening an account, send me an email once again and let’s meet! 

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