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Why? 3 Reasons Why Teaching About Personal Finance Is My Life!

Every time I meet new people, they would ask me why I was in personal finance when I graduated as a nurse and even passed the nursing board exam. I’d answer them in detail and they’d give the one of the following responses: 

A. “That’s good for you. Keep it up!” 

B. “But don’t you think being a nurse abroad can give you higher income? Sayang naman pinag-aralan mo…” 

C. “K.” 

Sometimes, I’d get “A” as a reply. Whenever someone says this to me, I feel like I have managed to explain my passion well because they understand what I’m trying to say. 🙂 

But then most of the time, I get “B” as the reply, because of my nursing background. Never mind that I never practiced nursing out of college, or that I went straight into entrepreneurship right after graduation. 

Never mind that teaching others how to manage their income and writing about the perks of early investing are lovely things that actually make up my passion. Or that I’m really not sold on the idea of working abroad for a long time. 

For those who reply with “K…”, I smile and silently mumble “L M N O P Q R S T”! 

Kidding aside, though, I’ve decided to “selfishly” make this blog post for today. Why “selfishly”? 

Because I’m not making this to explain myself to others. 

I’m writing this post for myself.    

I want to revive my spirit, to immensely ignite the fire within me and to motivate myself to keep on going, keep on learning and improving myself so I can keep on touching lives and inspiring other young Pinoys to get started with managing their money and investing as early as possible. 

And for these to be possible, I need to remember my reasons. 

Losing a loved one just because of lack of control of money is one of the worst feelings you can have. 

God called my grandfather “Tatang” last August 22, 2012.  I know everything happens in God’s time, but I still couldn’t help but blame myself for his passing away. 

I always told myself, during his heart attack, that as a nurse I should have recognized and sent him to the hospital immediately (even though he didn’t want to go…). 

And as a young professional who’s already working, I should have had enough money to send him to the nearest hospital! 

I was already working. I had a source of income. May sweldo na ako! Why didn’t we rush him to the nearest hospital instead? I thought it was my entire fault.
Now, after everything’s that happened, I didn’t want other people to experience the same pain, the sleepless nights, the mind-numbing frustration that I felt when Tatang passed away. 

Money is a terrible master: If money controls you, you’re powerless. As long as you work for money, you can’t simply ask for it to appear whenever you desperately need it. I’ve learned this the hard way.
Money is a terrific servant: If you let your money work for you, you can control it to appear whenever you want it to.
I deeply want other people, other young Pinoys, to learn that they need to control their money as early as possible. I want everyone to understand that personal finance can be learned – you don’t need to be a genius in Math! 

You just need to have enough motivation and discipline to get started and to continue what you’ve started. 

Everyone can’t possibly work forever. 

THIS. This is why I love educating young Pinoys about money management. We need to be responsible for ourselves as early as now. You don’t want to panic when your parents retire in the future and you find yourself going, “Yikes, now what?” 

I want my parents to retire before they turn 60. 

But I don’t want this for just my parents.

I want this for your parents too. Really, I super duper desire this! 

This is why teaching about money management and early investing aren’t enough. Because if you know everything you need to know about money, all your knowledge will be useless – unless you act on them.

And so I went on to be a financial advisor so interested Filipinos like you who want to protect their families through income replacement (life insurance) can open an account by meeting me personally. 🙂

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Likewise, eager Filipinos who want to invest and make their money work for them approach me also, and slowly, but consistently, we move ahead and start making their dreams come true – one invested peso at a time. 

You can never escape death – but you can escape the financial difficulties that come with it 

Grabe. The recent news about the “Fallen 44 Heroes” make my heart bleed every time I hear about them. I can only imagine the pain and the extreme grief that their families are experiencing right now…

A few clients messaged me and said that they feel fortunate that at least if God calls them already, their families won’t be burdened with any financial difficulties. 

Yes, the families of these fallen heroes will receive financial assistance – assistance which is never enough to make up for their devastating loss… 

But what if you’re unlucky enough to leave the world and leave nothing to your loved ones?

As I mention in my other posts, you need life insurance so that when you die, your family can still keep on living. 


How about you? Why do you learn and practice what you learn about money management? 


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Thank you, wonderful people!

Live wisely,

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