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Rio 2 Movie Review: 5 Life Lessons Rio 2 Taught Me

Did you notice these life lessons from Rio 2 too? 

My family and I just came back from watching Rio 2 at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell in Makati City. (Take note: they don’t sell cheese sauce exclusively. You’ve got to buy the nacho, too! No, thanks.) 

The movie, although targeted to kids and the childlike (childish?) population, highly appealed to me because of the life lessons that it made me realize. 

You might call them cliche, highly over-used or even extremely cheesy, but these life lessons are responsible for helping you make better decisions, do better actions and even let you feel better about yourselves: 

rio 2

1. People are scared of things that they personally don’t understand. 

The movie: 
Jewel’s dad, Eduardo, hates humans because some of them burned their homes in the past. Now, he wants nothing to do with them. Because of what he’s experienced, Eduardo chooses to shut off everything that’s related to humans, not knowing that not all humans are the same. 

In real life:
Professionally speaking, this is true whenever the concept of life insurance comes into discussion. Some of my clients believe that the pre-need companies that closed in the past are the same with insurance companies, when in fact, that’s not the case at all. They’re significantly different! 

Before you completely close your mind about something, why don’t you try and spend some time to understand it first? Don’t let fear and bias get in the way of knowledge. You might be missing out on something good in your life. 

2. Changing yourself to please others will only hurt you. 

The movie: 
Blu felt out of place in his wife’s family’s tribe, so, in order to fit in, he decided to change himself. It…didn’t work out. He bathed in mud, played with crocodiles and started a bird war.

In real life: 
If the face that you expose to others is always a mask, then what’s the point of living? Why are you so concerned about what other people think of you? 

Don’t spend time, effort and money into being who others want you to be. Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go, people will always judge you. No one is perfect! 

rio 2
Rio 2 is full of quirky new (and old!) characters!
3. Jealousy (or envy) will always manage to bring out the worst in you. 

The movie:
Blu is jealous of Roberto, Jewel’s childhood friend (and ex-boybird?). This led to him being insecure, irrational and irritable. 

In real life: 
In today’s world where everyone seems to be competing with someone, being jealous/envious can come naturally to us. 

That rich neighbor who was born into a wealthy family, that drop-dead gorgeous office mate who always smirks at you, and that super successful relative who always posts his achievements on Facebook: you know someone like these, right? 

Being jealous/envious can do nothing good for you! Instead of controlling how others fare in life, why don’t you control yourself to focus on how the previous you fared in life, compared to the present you? 

Comparison is a thief of joy. The only one you should strive to beat is the past you. 

4. Accomplishing something just to prove a point won’t make you a better person. 

The movie:
Nigel, the hilariously diva bird, is out to seek revenge. Things didn’t go the way he planned them to be. 

In real life: 
Are you stuck in your job because you want to prove people wrong? 

Are you away from the people you love because you want to prove to them that you can do something without their help? 

Are you pursuing something that you’re not passionate about just because you want to prove that you’re capable of achieving it? 


You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You’re not entitled to anyone, and no one is entitled to you. 

You don’t need anyone’s approval for you to go on with your life. Approval comes from within. 

5. Never let anyone tell you who you are.

The movie: 
Gabi, a seemingly poisonous frog, got the shock of her life when she found out that she’s not really poisonous. She only believed her parents telling her that she was – she didn’t even make an effort to find out for herself. 

In real life: 

When someone tells you that you can’t do something or that you can’t be someone, will you just stop and let them dictate your life? 

Don’t lose hope just yet.

Never let someone create your dreams for you. You’re here to find out what that reason is. 


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