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RAWlicious Green Smoothies: A Raving Review on RAW

Since The WiseLiving has been particularly involved with investing in wealth for a while now, it’s been decided for us to stir things up a bit and focus on investing in health now.

It all makes sense, if you think about it: people say that health is wealth. And let’s face it, what good is your rich wealth if you have poor health? You won’t be able to enjoy all the hard work you’ve made into saving, budgeting and investing!

With that said, we present to your RAWlicious Green Smoothies, an entrepreneurial venture by Angela Lichauco who is dedicated into providing fresh, natural and healthy concoctions made from organic greens, herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Now, unlike those “natural” drinks you see marketed all over the Philippines, RAWlicious products are different. In fact, they’re so natural that they’re blended and delivered at the same day! You have within 2-3 days to consume the drinks, so be sure to include them in your daily meal plan.

RAWlicious Green Smoothies
RAWlicious Green Smoothies come in cute bottles. Return it to them to receive discounts! 
We’ve been privileged to receive sample products from RAWlicious last April 03. They have a lot of flavours to choose from, but for quality control, they offer only 5 flavours periodically. We got the following:

  •  Hella Green (pure coconut water, mango, banana and organic greens)
  • Green Kiss Xavier (fresh pineapple, banana, organic greens and organic celery)
  • Seriously Green Federico (banana, organic cucumber, organic tomato, organic celery, organic greens, raw unprocessed wild honey and calamansi
  • Green Junkie  Jimena (fresh watermelon, organic cucumber, organic greens, pineapple and banana)
  • Green God Sebby (pure coconut water, peeled apples, organic greens, organic ginger and banana) 

Since Angela mentioned about RAWlicious products’ freshness, we decided to drink all four products at the same day, April 04. For breakfast, I drank Kiss on an empty stomach. There was excitement because it’s known that consuming organic fruits and veggies can lead to better digestion, more manageable weight, healthier skin and a more energized body.

All the smoothies look and taste green, and that’s a good thing! This means that your body is really going to experience the products’ benefits.

For merienda, I drank Sebby and my mother drank Federico (which is also my Tatang’s name.) I loved the fact that they’re not sickeningly sweet. Just pure, unadulterated health goodness is what I tasted – I made sure to chew the smoothie slowly, as instructed.

Don’t chug it down. It’s not a sports drink! 🙂

RAWlicious Green Smoothies

For dinner, I drank Hella Green. Hands down, this is my favorite one. It’s not too sweet and not too bitter, so for future reference, I’d make sure to order this one.

Papa, Mama and LJ drank Jimena after eating dinner. They shared the 500 ml drink, so it was pretty manageable. LJ reported feeling an energy boost, so good for him.

Personally, I’d love to get more RAWlicious products. What I loved about them was the fact that they were able to minimize the pain that I feel when I experienced dysmenorrhea! Usually, I’d need to ingest a lot of medicine because I have low pain tolerance, but surprisingly, when my “monthly visitor” arrived, I didn’t need to drink pain relievers anymore. 

I guess nature being the best medicine is really true. 

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Try the benefits yourself. 


RAWlicious Green Smoothies
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