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Breaking Dawn Part Two (Movie)

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We watched Breaking Dawn Part Two today at Market! Market! as a part of my mother’s treat since she’s going to be working in Qatar for quite a while. Of course, the customary munching of treats from Bodato Burgers (4/F Food Choices Market! Market!) was included as well. 

I must admit that I had a fairly low expectation from Breaking Dawn (Part Two). I mean, after all, my movie review of Breaking Dawn Part One was not exactly singing praises for it. 

Should you go and spend your money watching Breaking Dawn Part Two? Or are you better off doing something else? The Wise Living gives you our unbiased movie review. Proceed at your own risk – spoilers ahead! 

breaking dawn part two movie review
What a lot of girls would give for a stare like that…

The movie was able to last for about an hour and forty minutes or so, yet I felt that a longer time has passed. Maybe this is because I have witnessed a lot of scene transition so the illusion of a longer screen play was planted. Well played, dear Bill Condon. Well played indeed. 

I must say the introduction was breath-taking as the quality of the images was high-resolution. They really focused on nature as the subject – I thought this was a good choice as going for nature for neutrality seemed like a safe decision. 

Honestly, though, I felt the introduction was a little bit long for my taste. Maybe they felt stretching the introduction would keep the viewers at the edge of their seats. At first I was anxiously anticipating the unfolding of the events. After a while, though, it just became annoying, but you know, whatever floats your boat. 

Enjoyable Bits:
  • Bella beating Jacob up was entertaining to watch. The icing on the cake, though, was Edward letting Bella continue beating Jacob up. “No, no, she’s doing fine…” Classic!
  • Their love-making scene was portrayed artistically. There wasn’t anything obscene about it. Kudos to them for this. It was truly a beautiful moment. 
  • Jacob confronting Charlie about him being a shape-shifter was gold. I don’t recall it being detailed in the book. In the book, I think Jacob just told them he confronted Charlie. In the movie, though, he really did confront him. It was hilarious when he was stripping his clothes off in front of Charlie because he wanted to reveal his wolf form. I think the crowd agreed with me on this one: after all, they did cheer loudly at the cinema. 
  • Bella training her shield to expand was amusing. This is due to the brotherly banter between Edward and Emmett. Kate, another vampire, electrically shocks Edward with her mind every time Bella fails to expand her shield to him. Bella did okay after quite a while, but Edward suffered extreme pain so when Bella suggested to practice more, Edward looked at Emmett expectantly and said “…Emmett?” indicating that Emmett should replace him. 
  • The predicted war scene was decent. Granted, Twilight is not really an action movie (it’s more of a teen romance film), but its war scene was actually intense for me. I know a lot wouldn’t agree and would just say that I’m too soft, but the war scenes really managed to make me get into the scene. It was edgy. 
  • Carlisle being the first to try and save Alice was touching. When Alice was abducted by the Volturi guards, everyone was too stunned to move – mostly due to indecision because they feared they’d be killed. Her brothers weren’t able to save her first and even Jasper, her own lover, wasn’t able to arrive first to save her, too. It was Carlisle, her father, who rushed in to save her. I found this moment to be endearing. This just means that a girl’s first love will always be her father. 🙂
  • Jasper’s face. Have you looked at Jasper lately? Enough said!

Could Have Been Better Scenes:
  • The effects during Bella’s hunting for her first food were fake. Yes, we do know they’re fake but the effects had an easy job convincing us of the phoniness of it all. No, just no.
  • Bella’s narration – “I was born to be a vampire.” Why? Why would you say that? What if kids wanted to be like you? What if innocent children who want a lover like Edward think that the only way to have a loyal man is for them to become vampires? Yes, Twilight implicitly advocates this idea repeatedly in the book – there’s no need to rub it in the film as well, you know!
  • The Cullen family’s quest of soliciting the aid of their friends was uneventful. There were too many characters so not enough time was given for in-depth characterization of each of them. This was such a pity. I felt like the actors were promising but they didn’t have much screen time to actually display their talent.
Over all, Breaking Dawn Part Two was an okay movie. Let’s forget about its disturbing plot subsidiaries like Jacob and Renesmee being lovers one day or Jane’s sadism or Bella and Edward’s borderline obsession with each other. 

Let’s look at the brighter side where vampires sparkle and where love brings everyone together. 

After all, we watch movies as a form of escapism, right? 

Was Edward Cullen dashing in this movie? 

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