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How to Prepare for a Blackout (Blackout Kit)

Know how to prepare for blackouts! It’s already June. 

Yes, June. This is the time of the year again when I turn a year older…

…also, this is when typhoons are very prominent! Here and there, we hear news of typhoons approaching the country that we can’t help but be paranoid. 

Because of this neurosis, I have taken it upon myself to list down the necessary reminders that we should remember and tools that we should have in case of a blackout. Curious? Read on the rest of this article to find out!

Top Five Tips:

1. Listen to local radio and local television so that you will be updated on the current status of the typhoon. You can even use your Twitter account and follow news teams to get updated. 

2. Never use candles for emergency lighting. A dark house is better than no house, yes?

How to Prepare for a Blackout (Blackout Kit)

3. Turn off every electrical equipment that you were using when the power went out to prevent damage during power surges.

4. Assemble supplies before the blackout. Seeing things in the dark can blur your judgment. 

5.  Keep calm during a blackout. Panicking will lead you nowhere. 

Top Five Materials for your Blackout Kit:

1. Flashlights and fans. Please have one flashlight for every member of your family. Nowadays, there can be all kinds of flashlights! 

Some flashlights can be operated by a hand crank while some can be through batteries. We use fans when the weather is hot. I just find that those mini-battery-operated fans don’t work! Otherwise, it’s fine.

2. Batteries. You should know what batteries your flashlight will use! Having a flashlight with no battery back-up is like going to a war without no bullets – it’s useless. 

3. Lanterns. No, I’m not talking about Christmas lanterns. These are not really necessary, but if you want to light up a room for your activities, lanterns are the way to go. 

4. A portable radio. Again, stock up on batteries for this one. If you want to, you can even get a radio operated with a hand crank again. I found one online which was a flashlight, a radio and a cell phone charger – all these powered by a hand crank! 

5. Food and water. Stock up food and water good for at least 3 days:

– At least 1 gallon of water per person per day is good. 
– Munch on canned goods, cereals, whole-wheat bread & crackers, power bars, dried fruit, powdered milk, peanut butter and sports drinks for emergency. Try vacuum-packing them to extend their shelf lives. 
– DON’T FORGET the can opener! 

Do you think you can survive a week-long black-out? 

Any violent reactions? Motivated comments? Feel free to comment below.

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