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Bodato Burgers: Beef Burger De Luxe

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If there’s anything I’m willing to spend my money on, it would definitely be food. Food is a vital component of living, and to be able to enjoy the food I love with the people I equally love – that is such a pleasure of mine. One particular food that my family and I enjoy is burgers. 

And the brand we love? Why, Bodato Burgers, of course! Have you heard of Bodato Burgers yet?

Beef Burger De Luxe – yum!

I have to disclose something here, though. One of my good friends is the owner of Bodato Burgers so take everything with a grain of salt, yes? 

We ordered one of their best-sellers, the Beef Burger De Luxe. It is described as follows: 
Why not just go all out and order this sumptuous burger made with all the goodness of the beef burger with anchor cheese and chili con carne with kidney beans? This is full of iron, calcium, vitamin B1, B6, folate, and fiber for a better you.
I have to admit – at first I was a bit hesitant to try the product. I mean, P139 for a burger? But then, my friend explained to me the following:

  • Value for money: I’m honestly saying this – one burger was enough to make me full. It’s like I already ate one big meal so it was worth the money. 😉 
  • Organic vegetables: Bodato Burgers uses only organic vegetables for their products! This means more health and no pesticides, then.
  • No artificial preservatives: It’s awesome that Bodato Burgers does not have any artificial preservatives in their patties! I’ve heard about burgers having “pink slime” so I’m hugely relieved that Bodato doesn’t use that!
  • Less calories: I liken Beef Burger De Luxe (484 calories) to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese (510 calories) so it contains less calories. 
  • Less fat content: The ratio of pure meat to fat is 90:10 as compared to other brands’ 70:30 – this means that less fat is used for patty production. Pretty cool, right? 
My friend could go on and on about the health benefits but what matters to me is the taste. One bite and the goodness of beef highlighted the spiciness of the chili con carne was enough to turn my senses into a yummy frenzy! Take a good look at this!

Guilt-free goodness, indeed. 
I loved their packaging, too!

Green eco-friendly packages – so cute!

The branch we visited was at 4/F Food Choices, Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City but you can also get the complete list of their branches here

Try Bodato Burgers for your guilt-free goodness with every bite!

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