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Cemetery Checklist

Here in the Philippines, Filipinos usually visit their loved ones who passed away during the days of October 31 to November 2. This is mostly because these days are usually announced as holidays so Filipinos can allot a portion of their time in doing so. 

We also love conducting family reunions in these days because loved ones abroad come home in order to pay respect to their relatives and friends who are already with God.

I have just come back with my family from the cemetery. We visited three of our gone relatives this morning and I have to say that I really missed them so much. 

While I was there, I took the liberty to jot down tips so that your visit to the cemetery will be hassle-free and convenient. They are the following:  

1. Bring a water tumbler. The trip to going there was no walk in the park. It was very tiring and exhaustive. One liter per person is decent enough. It also saves you money because mineral water sold in the cemetery is expensive. (Not to mention suspicious.) 

2. Remember hand hygiene. The cemetery, like any other place, is full of germs. One particular cemetery that I have gone to was filled with overgrown grass and mud. Bring alcohol. 

3. Have old newspapers with you. There may come a time that you may need to sit down. Sitting down on the plain muddy ground is a no-no. Old magazines or plastics can be used as alternatives. 

4. Rosary should be brought together with a rosary booklet. We brought a rosary with us but we forgot to bring the booklet so I had to call my aunt and ask her to recite the 5 Sorrowful Mysteries. Talk about embarrassing.

5. Stay out of heat shock! Bring a fan and an umbrella with you all the time. Nothing says humiliating more than a fainting sight of you. 

6. Have food with you. Bring crackers, nuts and sandwiches, if applicable. Being hypoglycemic can give you tremors and can cause dizziness and lightheadedness. Remember: no fainting!

7. Candles and matches are necessary. We brought candles but forgot the matches. Good thing my cousin had a lighter with her! Stay with the candle for a while and let it melt halfway before leaving it there. Some people with no conscience steal your candles and then sell them again. 

8. The basic pen and notebook. Never go anywhere without any pen and notebook with you. I am thankful that I got to bring my trusty pen and notebook with me so I was able to take note of these items for the checklist. 

Remember to take time to visit your loved ones. There is a saying here in the Philippines that if we don’t visit them, then they will visit us. 😀 

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