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Breaking Dawn, Part One: (Movie Review)

Today, my family and I had the pleasure of watching Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn (Part One) at Market! Market! in Taguig. We are not that big of a fan but we decided to entertain ourselves for a bit anyway as we needed a bit of a break. 

Again, we used our VIPinoy Card and we were surprised to have learned that the priority line-up was indeed taken seriously as we were accommodated to first even though there was a bit if a line-up. Also, the 5% discount on the ticket of the cardholder was applied so imagine our delight! We got P25.00 off our three tickets – not bad! 

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Now onto the review of the actual movie. (Spoilers ahead so read at your own risk!) 

Well, I think the movie lasted for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. I was actually anticipating the starting scene to be the same with the actual movie, but it was nice that it had a twist. 

The beginning in the book was about Bella freaking out on her new car, while in the movie, it showed Jacob storming out of the house after reading the wedding invitation of Bella and Edward. It was supposed to be a bit dramatic but my little brother laughed – maybe because Jacob had the thought of removing his shirt before actually phasing. I mean, it would still be ruined if he kept it on, so what was the point? Maybe he wanted to show off his abs? Or maybe he really loved that particular shirt. We would never know. 

Enjoyable Bits: 

* The wedding ceremony actually made me cry. Maybe I am just a real crybaby but it was such an intimate scene that I felt the reality of it all. 

* The mini speeches, particularly those of Emmett and Charlie. 
    Emmett: I’m glad you had 18 years to be able to sleep, Bella, because you won’t be getting any sleep from now on…
   Charlie: I know that Edward is going to be a good husband. I know, because I’m a cop. I know how to hunt people…and I know how to use a gun. 

* Robert Pattinson’s smile. It’s endearing, okay? His eyes smile alongside his mouth. 

* Alice’s hair. It was so chic and stylish.

Could Have Been Better Scenes: 

* I wanted Edward to speak more Portuguese. I think that the language really suited him so I wanted him to say more. He was supposed to be super fluent, yes? 

* When Edward got Renesmee out of Bella, he was a bit slow in his actions. I mean, I get the fact that he was supposed to be super touched by the baby’s appearance, but I wanted him to be more urgent. He should have injected Bella his venom immediately instead of waiting for Bella to just stay still. 

* The pack’s interaction lacked intensity. It was not that powerful. 

* The birthing scene was more gruesome in my imagination so I felt that the scene was downplayed so that the audience would be able to watch it. 

It was also a bit predictable. Even before seeing the whole official trailer, I instantly knew that they were going to stop the movie right when Bella turned into a vampire. I was even saying, “…and then the camera would focus into her blood-red eyes!” and poof! That was really what happened. 

Overall, the movie was decent enough to be watched. It actually kept my family and I entertained. Some scenes were a bit stalling, though, so sometimes I felt like those tiny moments were just fillers to make the audience feel that they at least got their money’s worth. I didn’t feel ripped off, though. It was an okay movie. 

By the way, remember to stay after the credits because the three authorities of the Volturi (Aro, Marcus and Caius) will make an appearance. 

It was nice for the Part One so I will be watching Part Two in 2012. 

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