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Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary! (Lianne’s Language)

This was supposed to be done last September 08, 2011, but I had to register for my PRC License and my little brother got sick as well. Oh well, better now than never, yes? 

Yipee, we have a mushy anniversary post coming up! This post is dedicated to my loving Papa Leandro and Mama Marites. 

I love my parents. And my parents? They absolutely love each other as well! (Of course, I guess they love my little brother and I as well…) They have been married for 21 years now, so this means that their love for each other has been blessed by God Almighty for a decent amount of years already! And yes, to answer your thoughts, I’m 20 years old right now. 

the wise living happy anniversary
No words can describe their love for each other. 

Even though my parents are not always together physically, their hearts are always entwined in the magic thread of hope, respect, trust and communication. Theirs is the relationship that I hope to also have in my married life. 

This September 10, we will have a tiny gathering and celebration here in our house. Papa is in Qatar right now, so LJ and I are planning to do something romantic for mama instead. Being the frugal kids that we are, we’re currently stuck. 

Maybe we’ll buy her a bouquet of roses and the like? Okay, here’s a list of things we’d possibly do: (She doesn’t read this blog anyway. ;p )

1. Give her and Papa certificates for being the best parents in the world.
2. Big bouquet of red roses!
3. A dedication cake? 
4. I wanted the wedding picture as well but they already have theirs!
5. Maybe I’ll make a painter make a painting of their picture together! 

I hope we can push through with this! 

UPDATE: I gave mama a bouquet of roses and a framed picture of the both of them. I gave them certificates, too! She was practically giddy with joy. 😉 I love this day! I wasn’t able to give her a painting as it was too expensive, though! Maybe next time. 

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