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Expectations (Lianne’s Language)

Everyone expects a person to be able to act his/her age. This is sometimes understandable, though, when the situation calls for it. I mean, a middle-aged man is expected to be able to act his age whenever an emergency arises, yes? And a father is supposed to behave the way a 50-year old father should, whenever his child does something bad.

But then, something is off.

What if you are expected to always top something just because you have been fortunate enough to do so in the past. What if, even if you feel unhealthy and ill, you are still expected to top an examination? What if you were expected to be everything?

Wouldn’t that be horrendous?

Growing up, people had so much expectations of me. They believed that everything I did was expected already. Hey cool, I was able to perfect that, or Awesome, I got into a prestigious school! Everyone felt that I could achieve whatever I wanted.

I do not aim to boast, although I sound like I am. I am merely pointing out the fact that a lot of people around me expected me to do something. Sometimes, they even demanded me to be able to do something.

I have had enough of it. It is mentally draining. There, I could feel a neuron self-destruct just because of the expectations that people had of me.

Everything that I am capable of – God has given to me. All my talents and such are from the blessings of God. Therefore, it is only He who knows what He has in store for me. I trust Him, though sometimes because of hurt and pain, I find it hard to do so.

I have had it of expectations. I am never perfect. I am content as long as my family and loved ones will accept me for who I am.

And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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0 thoughts on “Expectations (Lianne’s Language)”

  1. Anyone who has expectations is setting themselves up for disappointment. We can stop ourselves having expectations but we can't stop others expecting things of us and it's hard. What you say is true, I remind myself that I'm not here to live up to others expectations.

  2. @ happyhonkers:
    Very true! I agree as well. It's hard doing so, but it is very worth it in the end. Yes, you should keep doing that. Beating yourself up because of others is useless so that's true. 🙂

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