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Checklist: Emergency and Blackout Checklist

Having a checklist for emergency and blackout situations is helpful to everyone. You can never too prepared: 

Typhoon Pedring is the typhoon lashing out at Philippines as of this moment. I am hearing its strong, and I mean strong, gush of wind and the scary clanking of roofs due to the pressure it has exerted. Also, knowing that in the past, Typhoon Ondoy had stolen lives on the same day (September 26) did not help boost one’s morale either. 

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Are you ready for a typhoon’s flood?

I remember last time when we had Ondoy. I was at morning duty from 6 in the morning up to 2 in the afternoon, supposedly, but then Ondoy messed everything up. Classes were suspended and announced late again and so we were supposed to be going home. But then we could not abandon the hospital’s Emergency Room! 

We stayed there until 5 in the afternoon. When I went home, I felt like a real working nurse. It was gratifying but shocking and not to mention overwhelming at the same time. 

As of right now, many classes are suspended, many flights are cancelled, and even government offices are suspended due to the typhoon. I urge everyone to stay updated using the news and the Internet. 

Now let’s go to the issue at hand: blackouts. Who here hates blackouts? I know I do. 

It is very inconvenient and it makes everything seen in a darker perspective, literally. I find myself more and more begrudging whenever blackout takes place. 

It is much more dangerous, too! The solution?

Have a great preparation for it. How?

Follow some tips below: 

1. Ice it up: 
Stock up on ice and keep it in the freezer so that when the power is out, food can still be cooled for a while. This is important especially if you also have medications which need to be cooled. 

2. You need light:
Always have plenty of flashlights and batteries. One flashlight per person is preferred. Also have a battery-operated radio to be kept updated for news.

3. Cash is still king. 
Have some cash – as in cold, hard cash – stocked up. This is for emergencies wherein ATM machines might also not work and computerized card readers will not be in operation either. Carry coins as well. 

4. Food is needed, too:

Have at least three days’ worth of food. Better to stack up on these:

– Grain products: cookies, biscuits, crackers, ready-to-eat cereals, granola bars
– Vegetables and fruits: canned fruits and canned vegetables, dried fruits
– Milk: check the expiration date
– Meat and Alternatives: canned beans, canned fish (tuna, sardines), canned meat (ham, sausages)
– Snacks: hard candies, nuts and seeds, potato chips, rice pudding 

Keep canned foods in a dry place where the temperature is cool.

5. Never ever forget water:

Stock up on fluids as well:

– Bottled water: 3 liters of water per person per day
– Sports drinks

6. Sanitation is a luxury you need:

Have sanitation and hygiene kits as well:
– Sanitary napkins and toiletries.
– Toilet paper.

7. For the car fans: 
Have fuel in your car, just in case. Also, you may use this to charge your cellphone as well.

Did I forget anything? 

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