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Alexandra Potter: Me and Mr. Darcy (Book Review)

Yes, okay. I admit it, you can sue me now: I am a big sucker for books involving dark, brooding, smoldering men who abuse and insult you, yet still manage to look so attractive. Are you like me as well? Well, dear readers, if you’re just like me, then I guess you’ve heard of Mr. Darcy? Yes? Mr. Darcy, the sexy, intense character from Pride and Prejudice?  

Me and Mr. Darcy Alexandra Potter
Spend lazy evenings with this book. 

How about the modern Mr. Darcy? This book explores that concept. A Jane Austen tribute, the book had the intention to retell the classic in a modern, albeit cliché, way. I loved the fact that the author decided to market the female population who are still looking for that perfect man. Notably, though, it is still a far cry from the original. 

The main character is Emily Albright, a 29-year old bookstore manager for a family-owned bookstore in New York. She was a bit unlucky with the dating scene. Her best friend, just trying to help her, invited her to go to Mexico with her for a love search. Being an introvert, she hated the idea. Instead, she went on a Jane Austen tour in, where else, Jane Austen’s country! I was able to relate to her, especially when she said that she packed more books than clothes. 🙂 Of course, I pack e-books nowadays so they’re less bulky. 

Jane felt a trickle of disappointment upon learning that her tour mates consisted of older women. The only other person who wasn’t old was Spike Hargreaves, a journalist sent by his editor to discover why most women consider Mr. Darcy as their dream date. He and Mr. Darcy were the complete opposites! Spike seemed like he had a tiny hint of manners while Mr. Darcy was very gentlemanly.

Emily even heard Spike saying she looked “dull and average”. Of course because of this, her first impression of him was unpleasant. Because of this, their conversations were usually foul-mouthed arguments and snide remarks. Emily didn’t even realize that they were falling in love with each other already!

But then something weird happens. She meets Mr. Darcy in the flesh! Suddenly Mr. Darcy has taken a liking to her. He took her out on dates such as picnicking and horse-back riding. Weird, huh? I wouldn’t go out on those dates, personally. I don’t like horse-back riding as I am very clumsy so I might always fall. 😀

Spike, in a moment of bravery, decides to confess to Emily. Emily was shocked! She thought Spike didn’t like her. Because of this, she rejected Spike’s love, leaving the poor Spike heart-broken. She believed that she loved Mr. Darcy, but when she got to know him (especially regarding the man’s refusal to view women as equals and over-formality!), she decided to break their relationship and look for Spike. Good thinking! Mr. Darcy seems so…snobbish, personally. Though I understand why a lot of women love him. 

This book was charming, albeit also unoriginal, I believe. Many scenarios in the book only retold scenarios in the classic in a modernly way. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book due to its light nature. Occasionally, I read it again on the frequent times that boredom comes to visit me, and I delight in reading it more. 

What did you think about Me and Mr. Darcy?

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