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10 Affordable (Less than P500!) Things That Make Me Feel Like A Millionaire

I’m celebrating my 26th year of existence today!  

If you’re reading this blog post right now, THANK YOU for being here. 🙂

I’m thankful that this blog has been – and always is – a significant part of my life. 

For my 26th birthday, I’m going make a TWO-PART blog post.

First one is today, which will feature the 10 affordable things (can be items or experiences) that always make me feel like I’m extremely rich, blessed and loved. 

Second is to be posted tomorrow, which will feature 16 easy ways for millenials like us to save money.

Hopefully, this blog post today can help you #treatyoself without breaking your financial goals. Here they are: 

1. Korean face masks (less than P100): I don’t usually have a facials, but since I’m approaching my late twenties, it’s about time for me to take better care of my skin, so I put on face masks every week, or every two weeks, depending on my stress level. 

2. Home-made chewy chocolate chips (less than P200): For cookies, I wait for a special day since I consider them as a treat. Having two cookies in two weeks makes me appreciate them more. Try closing your eyes when you have the chocolate chip in your mouth. Luxurious, right? 

3. Getting emails like these (P0): It warms my heart whenever Pinoys message me and tell me about how much they love this blog: 

and this, among others: 

4. Drinking a clean and refreshing cup of green tea every morning (P10): My day isn’t complete, unless I have my green tea waiting for me.

5. Leaving a tip 🙂 I feel like an amazingly rich rapper-turned-rockstar-turned-hero-of-my-own-reality-show whenever I give a significantly big tip for the waiter or gas attendant. It brightens my day and hopefully, it makes their day a little bit happier too!

5.1 Donating to causes I care about such as education for children and world equality.

6. Cheek and lip tints (less than P100): I bought one last March and it’s still with me this June.

7. Eating oatmeal + fruit like mango and strawberries for breakfast (less than P100 per serving): No, I don’t need to go to a hyped restaurant for my breakfast. I do it in style – by myself. (I just boil water, actually..)

8. A pack of Maltesers (free, they were a gift): Yes, sometimes I cheat and replace strawberries with chocolate.

9. Soy milk or almond milk (less than P200): It’s a feel-good treat every two days a week. 🙂

10. Views and presents like these: 

I hope this list helps you make a guideline on what constitutes my meaning of being a “millionaire”. You don’t need to spend millionaire in order to feel like one.

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